Manufacturer Support

Chameleon is a product of the Freiburg-based ESONO AG. As a service provider, the company offers professional integration, maintenance and hosting concepts for the Chameleon system. This gives you an optimum combination: open source and enterprise support.

Amazon Pay

With Amazon Pay you are able offer a particular advantage in terms of usability: During checkout customers can simply log into their Amazon account and complete the order with their usual payment methods as well as billing and shipping addresses.

shop cms

Shop and CMS All-In-One

A CMS with a shop module or a shop with CMS features? Chameleon is the solution for everyone, who wants both, without compromising: a scalable online shop system which allows to generate millions of revenue AND to manage thousands of content pages.


B2C and B2B

You can run both classic B2C as well as B2B shops and, of course, also a combination of the two with Chameleon. Divide your customers into groups of gross price-based B2C and net price-based B2B groups and let Chameleon simply do the rest!



Much stronger than other systems Chameleon is build on the internationally recognized open source framework Symfony. Amonst others core components like http-kernel, http-foundation, dependency-injection, class-loader, debug, config, routing are used.


Chameleon Forum

Achieve greater user loyality by integrating the Chameleon forum module. Since the forum resorts to the Chameleon user database, all personal data is managed centrally and does not need interfacing. Ideal for editorial shopping and SEO measures.

Editorial Articles

The editorial article module is one of the most flexibel and most powerful content components of the Chameleon system. Learn more about the numerous possibilities this module has to offer on our subpage.


Intelligent Cross Selling

Use our intelligent cross selling system for presenting products automatically in order to increase your sales: either with the current viewed article or the active category, but also by defining various parameters such as best conversion, top sellers and the like.

editorial shopping

Editorial Shopping

If you sell something really special, let your customers know! Due to the seamless combination of shop and content management system you can provide your customers with comprehensive editorial information, and at the same time, present matching products.

Content Management, Content Engine

Content Engine

The content management engine allows to preview the webpage in its final layout. With drag and drop you can align the intelligent content modules. The central data pool prevents content duplication and makes it easy to manage even large amounts of content.


Configurable Filters

Configurable and expandable as you wish: The filters of the Chameleon system adapt precisely to your data structure. The more data your products contains, the faster your customer will find exactly what he is looking for, within seconds.

marketing mails

Marketing Mails

Marketing mails are an absolute highlight of the Chameleon system. You can create automatic mailings, which will encourage your customers for a shop visit, depending on certain criteria. For example, a voucher will be send automatically to each user with an annual turnover of at least 100 € on his birthday.


Newsletter System

Often complexes interfaces between external mailing systems and the shop must be integrated for an automated exchange of product data. To avoid this, Chameleon contains its own newsletter system, which is able to send mails directly via external SMTP servers.


By using our PayPal interface you are able to offer your customers one of the world's most accepted e-wallet payment methods: The user logs into his PayPal account, confirms the shopping cart view, pays - and that's it!


With BS PAYONE you can offer your customers a great variety of different payment methods at once. Among them are various credit and debit cards, PayPal, SOFORT Banking, direct debit, invoicing via BILLSAFE and many more.

banner hotspots

Banner with Hotspots

Special products deserve a special way of presenting them! With our individual banners you can easily link any area of the presentation space with any product in your shop. In this way you guide your shop visitors from an emotional presentation directly to the detailed product page.


Please note that not all of the above features are part of the Chameleon standard version. Please get in touch with us to talk about possible licence fees or integration costs for a particular module. We are happy to advise you!