banner hotspots

Banner with Hotspots

Special products deserve a special way of presenting them! With our individual banners you can easily link any area of the presentation space with any product in your shop. In this way you guide your shop visitors from an emotional presentation directly to the detailed product page.


Automated Article Lists

Successfully selling products has, of course, a lot to do with their presentation. Chameleon's article lists help you to automate many of the steps of the product presentation. For example articles with a higher conversion rate can be placed automatically on a prominent spot.

Hersteller Artikellisten

Brand Stores

By setting up brand stores you can give manufacturers their own platform within your shop. Each store can have its individually designed home page, product catalogue, detailed product page and even its own navigation.


Manufacturer Teaser

Draw more attention to the brands sold in your shop by using Chameleon's logo teaser. Clicking on one of the logos will lead to a list containing all the products sold by this manufacturer. The teaser can be integrated anywhere on your website.



Quickshopping allows your customers to easily add products to the cart directly from the list view, without doing the extra step of going to the detailed article page.

Connected to Elasticsearch

Take advantage of Chameleon's ability to connect with Elasticsearch, an extremely powerful full-text search engine, particularly suitable for large article stocks. Elasticsearch is a trademark of Elasticsearch BV, registered in the U.S. and in other countries.

Suche, Artikelsuche, Produktsuche

Product Search

Chameleon's standard product search offers extensive possibilities of configuration, e.g. individual field weight, partial word indices, words to be ignored in searches, manually selected search results and many more.


Configurable Filters

Configurable and expandable as you wish: The filters of the Chameleon system adapt precisely to your data structure. The more data your products contains, the faster your customer will find exactly what he is looking for, within seconds.


The interface to FACT-Finder®, an outsourced search and navigation engine, is particularly useful, if you need sophisticated and highly efficient search and filter functions for an extensive range of goods on high-traffice websites.


Individual Product Page

The product detail page can be customised according to your needs and wishes! Thanks to Chameleon's modular structure you decide the content of the detailed page. Additionally, different designs for different products or product groups are possible.


Variant Generator

The creation of numerous, possibly even multidimensional article variants (like colour and seize for clothing) is no longer tiring diligence work! Chameleon includes an intelligent generator which depending on the chosen set suggests and automatically generates proper variants.

Glossar für Produktattribute


The more detailed information, the better! The glossary for Chameleon Shop enables you to link the characteristics of products with further information text, but also images and links to other websites.


Product Comparison

The product comparison feature helps shop visitors to decide for the right product: The clear arrangement of chosen articles and their properties, which are displayed side by side, makes it easy to compare them with one another.

Outdooractive Maps

The Chameleon interface for the Outdooractive platform allows you to display editorial articles, products, hotels, trips and routes tagged with geodata on the Outdooractive platform and to integrate the high quality map into your website.


Responsive Design

In times of tablets, smart phones and Co. it is surely not enough to rely only on an optimised desktop version of your online store. Chameleon Shop comes with a responsive design and is therefore well equipped for all your visitors, no matter which device brings them to your store.


Shop Standard Theme

The standard theme of Chameleon is based on the CSS framework Bootstrap and uses the template engine Twig. The theme can be partially overwritten, and thus, easily customised!

Multimodul, DAV


The multi-module allows you to place several modules into just one slot, and therefore, to preconfigure module collections that may be used anywhere on the website. This comes in handy if you need complex but still flexible page elements.


Free Articles

Treat your customers with a little gift! When redeeming a voucher or purchasing discounted products, a free article can be added automatically to the shopping cart. The backend offers a great number of parameters to determine when this is supposed to happen.


You are already using Tradebyte or you are looking for a powerful product data platform in order to reach more channels (TB.One) or suppliers (TB.Market)? Then Tradebyte, specialised in e-commerce market places, is the right contact for you.

Internationalisierung, Länder-Blacklist

Country Article Blacklist

To prevent the purchase of certain products in certain countries, it is possible to define a country-specific blacklist for articles. A blacklisted item won't be displayed to users from the respective country. An easy way to meet legal or marketing requirements of many suppliers!

Export of Product Data

Maximise the market reach of your products by connecting them to internet portals such as Ad2People,, Ciao, Geizkragen, Google, Idealo, Nextag, Pangora,, Rakuten, Soquero, Webgains, Yatego and more.

individuelle Produktpreise bei Mehrwährungsfähigkeit

Individual Pricing

If you wish to implement individual pricing for different countries, this extension of the module "multicurrency" is what you need. It enables you to to define individual prices per article and currency. Moreover it provides alternative prices based on the users current shipping or billing address.


Product Bundles

Encourage your customers to generate more revenue by offering bundles - sets of products at attractive prices. With Chameleon you can create bundles quite simply with a few clicks!


Individual Categories

In Chameleon you can choose any page template for the various categories. Thus, you can optically separate main from sub categories in an easy way, or you can design certain categories individually to highlight their specific products.


Please note that not all of the above features are part of the Chameleon standard version. Please get in touch with us to talk about possible licence fees or integration costs for a particular module. We are happy to advise you!