There are already numerous online shop and even more content mangement systems in existence. But why is it that more and more companies and developer choose Chameleon as the system to use?

 Chameleon is the product of a service provider, and not of a pure software manufacturer: That's why it focuses more than other systems on optimal maintainability and customisability and therefore helps to reduce your total costs of ownership. Short and smooth update processes, even of major releases, is only one of the many positive things resulting from that.

 Since 2013 Chameleon builds fundamentally on numerous components of the internationally renowned Symfony framework - a way to guarantee maintainability and constant development - independent of both the manufacturer and the service provider. At the same time, using this framework ensures a structured code which can be understood and used right away by third party developers with Symfony know-how. Of course, the Chameleon source code is available to our customers and partners in an open and unencrypted way. Thus, using Chameleon guarantees maximum investment security and independence.

 Chameleon is the seamless combination of e-commerce and content management system, and therefore, often replaces two systems at the same time at relaunches.

  Chameleon is continuously developed by the IT service provider ESONO AG, which means the systems benefits from long years of experience and the latest code.

 The ESONO AG offers enterprise support contracts - tailored to your needs.






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