Much more than ERP: The mail order system pixi* enables you to control all central business processes like shipping, logistics, communication, payment and picking - all from one source.


You are already using Tradebyte or you are looking for a powerful product data platform in order to reach more channels (TB.One) or suppliers (TB.Market)? Then Tradebyte, specialised in e-commerce market places, is the right contact for you.


Shipping Costs

Shops that sell quite different products in very different amounts on an international level, must be able to configure differentiated settings for shipping costs. Chameleon's integrated matrix for shipping costs makes that part easy for you!

virtuelle Downloads

Instant Download for Virtual Products

Do you offer virtual products like ebooks? This module allows you to insert a personalised download link into the order confirmation. Besides, the product can be also downloaded from "My Account".

Artikel vormerken

Mark Out Of Stock Items

This module allows your customers to flag out of stock articles. As soon as the item is available again, the customer is notified via email, automatically sent by the shop system.


Double Check Fields

This package prevents copy & paste by adding double checks for input fields such as user name and password. Therefore, it increases the reliability that entered data does not contain typing errors.


Guest Order

Not all visitors want to create an account. Chameleon offers the possibility to order as a guest without having to register. Additionally, there is the option to register after order completion.

Schnellerfassung von Bestellungen

Quick Order Entry

An easy and quick way to place large orders. Automatic search suggestions, sorted in alphabetical order or according to sales figures, are displayed as you type into the form field. Ideal for B2B shops!

permanenter Warenkorb

Permanent Basket

Chameleon is able to save the shopping basket beyond the page session. If, for example, you add items to your cart, but don't complete your purchase and return some days later, the cart is still filled with the products you have placed.


Ordering Options

Certain products might require extra order information. This module allows to add notes such as 'complete delivery' or 'installation at the place of destination' and the like. Best of all, there are no limits in defining these additional order options.    

Grußkarte, Geschenk

Greeting Cards and
Gift Wrapping

Offer your customers to add product-related elements to their shopping cart, e.g. greetings cards and gift wrapping if the goods shall be send to third parties.


Additional Comment

By activating this module, the customer is able to leave a comment with his order. The ordering process is complemented by a commenting box which appears in the last step of the checkout.


Order Status Information

Inform your customers about changes of the order status automatically via email and in the personal account, including information on part-delivery. The notification can be triggered for example by an ERP system.


Telephone Order

If customers do not wish to complete their purchase online, they have the option to place their order by telephone during checkout. The shop operator receives an email inlcuding information on the current shopping cart and callback number.


Address Validation

Small typing errors can creep easily into entered address details. Chameleon provides an interface to connect to external address validation services of your choice.

Deutsche Post Direkt

The 'ADDRESSFACTORY' service by Deutsche Post Direkt GmbH enables shop operators to significantly improve the quality of customer addresses by means of address queries, and thus, to avoid returns and to prevent fraud already in advance.


Packstation - DHL Service

'Packstation' is a popular recipient service of the logistics company DHL. Offer your customers the additional benefit of using Packstation as shipping address. The Chameleon package includes specific input fields and provides a link to the Packstation finder.

Bonität, Bezahlmethoden, Payment

Credit Check

This module allows to integrate credit check services of various external providers into your shop. A further package makes sure that certain payment methods will not be offered during checkout if the credit check turns out negative.

Payment, Bezahldaten sicher speichern, wieder verwenden

Storage of Payment Details

The package allows customers to reuse entered payment details at their next visit. The highly sensitive payment data is not saved in the shop itself, but directly with the payment provider using an anonymous handler ensuring secure storage.


Customer Blacklisting

The Chameleon backend provides the possibility to blacklist registered customers (with login) as well as guest orderers. Properties of incoming orders are checked against the blacklist.


Please note that not all of the above features are part of the Chameleon standard version. Please get in touch with us to talk about possible licence fees or integration costs for a particular module. We are happy to advise you!