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Interface: pixi*

pixi* Software GmbH develops with the mail order software pixi* a complete e-commerce backend system, adapted to the specific online branch trade requirements by covering the enterprise resource planning and all the central business processes.

The innovative software allows by the open architecture and the high interface compatibility a seamless integration into other system settings.

pixi* automatises as far as possible all standardized business processes and helps by using intelligent picking methods to optimize the transfer times in the product stocks, to reduce the quantity stock as well as using the stock capacity optimally. pixi* controls the complete logistics processes behind the online shop - from stock receipt  to shipping.


About pixi* Software GmbH pixi ohne claim

pixi* Software GmbH is a global software company headquartered in Munich, which has specialized in the development of software for web-based mail order. pixi* Software GmbH is Preferred Business Partner and prize winner of the Innovation Award 2012 of the Federal Association of German Mail Order Traders (bvh) and ranks among the leading manufacturers of mail order software for e-commerce.


pixi* Software GmbH
Walter-Gropius-Str. 15
80807 München


Phone: +49 89 961 60 61-60
Email: info[AtSign]pixi[Dot]eu