Free Articles

Treat your customers with a little gift! When redeeming a voucher or purchasing discounted products, a free article can be added automatically to the shopping cart. The backend offers a great number of parameters to determine when this is supposed to happen.


Individual Categories

In Chameleon you can choose any page template for the various categories. Thus, you can optically separate main from sub categories in an easy way, or you can design certain categories individually to highlight their specific products.


Intelligent Cross Selling

Use our intelligent cross selling system for presenting products automatically in order to increase your sales: either with the current viewed article or the active category, but also by defining various parameters such as best conversion, top sellers and the like.


Chameleon's interface to ChannelAdvisor enables you to transfer product data to various third-party online channels like Google,, Idealo etc. with just a single export. ChannelAdvisor also includes site and order tracking.

InxMail - Email Marketing

Chameleon comes with an interface to the email marketing system by InxMail. Visitors, who subscribe or unsubscribe to the newsletter on your website, will be automatically transferred to InxMail's mailing list.


You are using MailChimp for sending out newsletters? No problem with Chameleon. The interface takes care that newsletter subscriptions or cancellations on your website will be automatically transferred to MailChimp's mailing list.


This integration enables you to send outgoing emails (e.g. newsletter) via the external SMTP service Mandrill which is specialised in sending out emails at high frequency, and thus, reduces load on your mail server. Mandrill provides detailed statistics on email delivery, opened emails and click tracking.

Use Chameleon's intelligent product export to Rakuten as another sales channel to increase your revenue. The Chameleon backend offers the possibility to directly assign your shop articles to the Rakuten product categories.

Shoplupe, Feedback

Shoplupe Feedback

By integrating the feedback system of Shoplupe to your website you receive valuable response directly from your customers in regard to their degree of satisfaction with your shop and suggestions for improvements.

Trusted Shops

The trustbadge by Trusted Shops signals more safety and transparency to your customers. Chameleon is ideally prepared for connecting easily to Trusted Shops: Just indicate your customer identification to activate the trustbadge after having certified for it.

Webgains Affiliate Network

Connect to the affiliate marketing network Webgains, and thereby, multiply the market reach of your products. Please note that this module does not include voucher tracking.


Landing Pages

Chameleon offers the possibility to use any number of different domains, languages and page templates per system - so there are no limits in creating landing pages on selected topics and in promoting particular products.

marketing mails

Marketing Mails

Marketing mails are an absolute highlight of the Chameleon system. You can create automatic mailings, which will encourage your customers for a shop visit, depending on certain criteria. For example, a voucher will be send automatically to each user with an annual turnover of at least 100 € on his birthday.

Newsletterregistrierung, Bestellung

Newsletter Subscription During Checkout

By integrating this module you give your customers the possibility to subscribe to your newsletter during the checkout process. The registration information is thereby saved directly into the database.


Newsletter System

Often complexes interfaces between external mailing systems and the shop must be integrated for an automated exchange of product data. To avoid this, Chameleon contains its own newsletter system, which is able to send mails directly via external SMTP servers.


Digital Notepad

Don't let your customers lose track of interesting products: By installing this package as many articles as you wish can be added to the notepad of your shop and are available again at the customer's next visit. The products remain on the notepad until being put into the shopping cart.


Product Bundles

Encourage your customers to generate more revenue by offering bundles - sets of products at attractive prices. With Chameleon you can create bundles quite simply with a few clicks!

Export of Product Data

Maximise the market reach of your products by connecting them to internet portals such as Ad2People,, Ciao, Geizkragen, Google, Idealo, Nextag, Pangora,, Rakuten, Soquero, Webgains, Yatego and more.


Product Reviews

The module enables your visitors to rate products, write reviews, mark reviews by others as helpful and much more. Besides, the module provides numerous settings in regard to anti-spam protection and review approval.


Rebate System

Have as many discount promotions running at the same time as you like. Scheduling their activation, restrictions on articles, categories, manufacturers, customer groups and much more - no problem with Chameleon!


Scale Prices

Create additional incentives for driving sales by offering your customers attractive conditions in form of scale prices - easy to configure with Chameleon's scale pricing system.

editorial shopping

Editorial Shopping

If you sell something really special, let your customers know! Due to the seamless combination of shop and content management system you can provide your customers with comprehensive editorial information, and at the same time, present matching products.

SEO, Suchmaschinenoptimierung


Using Chameleon does not only mean that your shop or page is found by search engines, but understood as well. Search engine optimisation is a science in itself, so good to know that Chameleon adapts to changing requirements.


Shop Reviews

Migrate ratings of your shop from third party systems such as Trusted Shops, eKomi, Shopauskunft etc., for example when switching from your previous shop system to Chameleon. If desired, the ratings of the various systems are displayed bundled.


Social Media

Social media features such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Co. should not be missing in any shop or content management system these days. Chameleon has everything on board which is needed to share products or information with other users.

suchwortspezifische Aktionen

Keyword-Related Actions

This package offers the possibility to respond to specific search queries in a defined way. For example, a typical query like "gift" during Christmas season could be automatically redirected to a relevant landing page.


Voucher System

Parallel voucher campaigns, automatic generation of coupon codes, management of  purchase and discount vouchers, time-controlled activation, differentiated configuration


Wish List

Offer your customers to collect products from your shop in a wish list. It is possible to add own notes to the list and to send it via email to friends or relatives who can then view the list and go directly shopping.


Please note that not all of the above features are part of the Chameleon standard version. Please get in touch with us to talk about possible licence fees or integration costs for a particular module. We are happy to advise you!