Approval / Workflow

This enterprise module adds an extensive release and workflow system to Chameleon. It manages the preparation and final publication of content as all editorial operations must pass a definable approval process which can be set individually according to your needs.

Blog Module

The blog module is an extension of Chameleon's powerful editorial article component and goes far beyond the functions of a typical blog system. Learn more about it on our detailed page about the editorial article module!



The captcha module secures forms in order to prevent the misuse of commenting or contact requests. The captcha comes with simple combinations of number and letters as well as calculation tasks.



This package logs all changes made in the CMS backend. The log contains information such as date and time, user, file or table, type of change, old and new value etc. The changes are displayed in a table and can also be exported to a csv file.

konfigurierbares Formular

Configurable Forms

This module enables you to add as many fields as you wish to the standard contact form. It is possible to attach the form entries as a csv file to the notifying e-mail which may also be sent as a copy to the addresser.

Content Management, Content Engine

Content Engine

The content management engine allows to preview the webpage in its final layout. With drag and drop you can align the intelligent content modules. The central data pool prevents content duplication and makes it easy to manage even large amounts of content.

Suche Contentbereich

Content Search Engine

In addition to the shop's default search, the system also contains configurable search functions specifically designed for the content area. Thus, it is possible to implement a function that only searches in defined content areas of the website.

Editorial Article Lists

With the editorial article module as a basis, you have the possibility to arrange teaser lists comprising very different article typs such as news, blog, events, videos, image galleries etc. In this way, you can create topic lists and place them anywhere you like on your website.

Editorial Articles

The editorial article module is one of the most flexibel and most powerful content components of the Chameleon system. Learn more about the numerous possibilities this module has to offer on our subpage.


Flexible Text Blocks

To achieve maximum flexibility and to avoid the duplication of recurrent wording, Chameleon comes with freely definable text blocks that can be reused anywhere in running text modules by inserting placeholders.

Frontend Datensatzeingabe

Frontend Data Entry

The module enables you to display input forms in the public frontend. The entries are saved as a new record to an appropriate data base in the backend and are therefore easy to maintain, e.g. data of the advanced user profile.


Generic Data Export

This package is the basis for all requirements related to data export: it is capable of exporting all tables of the Chameleon system, for example a complete list of all newsletter subscribers, to a csv file.

individualisiertes Suchsystem

Individual Search Engine

The individual search system allows to integrate sources other than the module types 'text' and 'list' to be searched through. In contrast to the standard search it does not spider the page itself, but searches directly in data records. Thus, the search may also include protected areas or files such as downloads.

Protected Shops

Using the services of Protected Shops, you will no longer have to worry about the legal compliancy of text such as terms and conditions, cancellation policy and the like. Moreover, Protected Shops assumes the resulting risks for any of the legal texts. All this at a great subscription price!

Multimodul, DAV


The multi-module allows you to place several modules into just one slot, and therefore, to preconfigure module collections that may be used anywhere on the website. This comes in handy if you need complex but still flexible page elements.



Create and analyse as many polls as you want! The polls can be linked to each other and offer many possibilities for configuration. Polls are an effective means of getting differenciated information about the interest of your site visitors.


Rich Text Editor

Publishing made easy! The integrated WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) allows the simple publication of texts, images, documents, videos etc. The scope of functions is similar to familiar word processing programmes.


Third Party Layout

This package allows the import of HTML elements from other websites (like header or footer) via URL, their local caching and display. Thus, you can easily integrate sub-elements of external pages into your own website.

URL Mapping

URL Mapping

URL forwarding can be easily set up and maintained in the Chameleon backend. This might be necessary if the address of your website changes, e.g. when you want to migrate your site to another system. The existing links will be automatically redirected, so that old links which might be still saved in Google are still accessible.


Dark Sites

In certain cases important information, e.g. product recall for remedies, must be communicated immediately to all customers or website users. The dark site module enables you to prepare and activate a forced text layover that is displayed before entering the website.

editorial shopping

Editorial Shopping

If you sell something really special, let your customers know! Due to the seamless combination of shop and content management system you can provide your customers with comprehensive editorial information, and at the same time, present matching products.

Outdooractive Maps

The Chameleon interface for the Outdooractive platform allows you to display editorial articles, products, hotels, trips and routes tagged with geodata on the Outdooractive platform and to integrate the high quality map into your website.


Please note that not all of the above features are part of the Chameleon standard version. Please get in touch with us to talk about possible licence fees or integration costs for a particular module. We are happy to advise you!