User Management

This package controls the management of your website's user. It includes the functions login, registration and password forgotten (secure method using double opt-in). Additionally, user can be divided into groups with access rights for certain pages and downloads.

Benutzerrechte, erweitertes Rechtemanagement, Extranet

Advanced Permissions

With this extension of the user management module it is possible to grant user or user groups advanced permissions such as "view the stock", "submit an order" and the like. The type of permission is freely configurable in the Chameleon backend.

Mein Konto

My Account

In the "my account" section user can manage their personal data: e-mail address and password, billing and shipping address as well as newsletter subscriptions. In addition, purchased digital media files such as e-books can be downloaded here.

extended profile

Advanced User Profile

You can complete the user profile with information such as a picture of the user, date of birth, a personal description, and further data relevant for social media activities. This module comes with the Chameleon Forum, but can be used individually as well.


Chameleon Forum

Achieve greater user loyality by integrating the Chameleon forum module. Since the forum resorts to the Chameleon user database, all personal data is managed centrally and does not need interfacing. Ideal for editorial shopping and SEO measures.

Generische Kommentare

Generic Comments

The comment module serves as the base of the Chameleon forum, but actually it can be used to comment any other object like products, people, activities and the like.


Please note that not all of the above features are part of the Chameleon standard version. Please get in touch with us to talk about possible licence fees or integration costs for a particular module. We are happy to advise you!