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Editorial Article Module

The editorial article module is one of the most powerful content management components which Chameleon has to offer.

It is used everywhere, where content must be presented in a more flexible way than a simple text page. Examples range from simple blogs with teaser texts up to the most complex content driven websites that require a structured presentation as well as an easy and central management of their often tens of thousands of editorial articles.

This module provides the base of any Chameleon website that strives for a successful combination of an online shop and elaborate content presentation.

Use this powerful tool to create editorial articles and appealing teaser in a variety of formats which you can place anywhere you wish on your website. What remains is the possibility to manage all the content with one underlying system.

Almost all elements which you can see on this webpage, including the text you are now reading, were created with the editorial article module of Chameleon.


The most important features of the editorial article module at a glance

  • create and manage centrally as many editorial articles as you want
  • intelligent categorisation
  • indexing / tagging
  • automatic generation of navigation
  • unlimited number of teaser in as many different formats per article
  • linking of any teaser with any article
  • multilingual
  • portal dependent