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Interface: Tradebyte

The combination of Chameleon Saas Shop and Tradebyte represents the optimum solution for online retailers who want to sell their goods simultaneously through multiple channels and want to run their own online shop at minimal expense.

By using the unique possibilities of Tradebyte you benefit from a powerful product and process management system to centrally administer an extensive range of goods.

The Chameleon interface ensures that the articles captured in Tradebyte are transferred smoothly to your Chameleon online shop.

Together with Chameleon SaaS offered by the ESONO AG you can set up your own brand store in a short time and with a minimum of initial costs.

What makes it even more special is the fact that not only article data, but all transactions are transmitted bidirectionally, which means that all sales and payment processes of your online shop are reported to Tradebyte. In addition, the shop system is in turn notified about shipping or cancellations and sends an automated e-mail to the customer.

Combined with one of Chameleon's integrated payment interfaces, which supports refunds such as Payone, this will provide you with a complete package for processing your online business.



Key features of the Chameleon-Tradebyte interface

  • simple data management with TB.One
  • automated transfer of:
    • article data
    • variants
    • stock
    • orders
    • payment status
    • order status
    • refunds
    • delivery status


About Tradebyte

Tradebyte specialises in software solutions for vendors and marketplaces, which now want to profit from the “market without limits”. As pioneers of “Networked E-Commerce” the company has concentrated on standardised, cloud-based technologies and comprehensive service since the beginning.

At the centre of the application are the software modules especially developed for the management of e-commerce article data (PIM = Product Information Management) and order data (OMS = Order Management System). With TB.One you can comfortably and centrally monitor as many platforms or marketplaces as you like, from Amazon to Zalando. TB.Market is the first standardised software solution, which enables the simple connection of drop shopping suppliers and therefore provides access to the successful platform or market place business.

Tradebyte Software GmbH
Bahnhofsplatz 8
91522 Ansbach

Phone: +49 981 20822-0
Email: info[AtSign]tradebyte[Dot]com