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Interface: Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay "Advanced Payment APIs"
Amazon Pay enables millions of customers to pay with the address and payment data of their personal Amazon account. It's fast, easy and secure.
The entire payment process takes place exclusively in widgets in your online shop - without redirecting to another website.

Chance for higher conversion and more revenue
It can help you as a shop owner to increase sales with customers, who would have otherwise not purchased in your shop due to more complicated registration and payment options. Additionally, you benefit from Amazon Pay's protection against default and fraud attempts.

Pure payment processing and optimised for mobile devices
Amazon Pay as "Advanced Payment APIs" version offers pure payment processing. As merchant you just transmit the amount to be settled and after successful authorisation you receive the customers' shipping and email address from Amazon Pay for further processing of the order. Plus „Advanced Payment APIs“ is optimised for mobile devices. 

Register now for Amazon Pay and contact us for integrating the free module. Benefit from the advantages of the payment method in your Chameleon shop!