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AutoGyro - Enjoy the difference | Chameleon Shop and CMS

implementation and maintenance: ESONO AG
e-commerce and content management system: Chameleon Shop and CMS


Relaunch for the gyrocopter manufacture from Hildesheim

AutoGyro is dedicated to the passion of flying - no wonder the company is a world market leader in the development, production and distribution of gyroplanes.

A key point of the relaunch was the implementation of a modern design, which conveys the emotional aspect of aviation by spacious pictures.

For easy data administration, the corporate website and the shop were migrated to one central system, thus resulting in lower maintenance costs. Also visually both portals form one unit now. A standardized module allows a coherent display of the different gyrocopter models and facilitates editorial care.

AutoGyro's world-wide network of partners is presented interactively by means of a revised map module.


At a glance:


  • Bootstrap responsive layout with a modern look & feel conveying the fascination of aviation
  • creation of spacious scenes with image galleries and image carousel
  • migration of data from content area and shop into one central system to simplify data administration
  • new modul for a standardised presentation of the different gyrocopter models and easy editorial maintenance
  • configurator for your custom gyroplane
  • map module using jVectorMap
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