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implementation and support service: ESONO AG
e-commerce system: Chameleon Shop
design: kultwerk GmbH

Implementation of an e-commerce platform for one of the biggest online sellers for design furniture in Europe

For the online retailer Ambiente Direct from Munich, well-known far beyond the boundaries of Germany, a completely customized online shop has been implemented on the base of Chameleon Shop, thereby replacing the existing shop system.
Extraordinary requirements on function and performance in a scaled hosting architecture had to be met to guarantee a fast page delivery for the high concentration of visitors also at peak times.

The products, categories, brands and designer, presented by the Ambiente Direct editors with loving attention to detail, offer the visitor much more than just a shopping experience: The customer is provided with lots of background information about the carefully selected products and their designers.


Facts at a glance:

  • multilingualism including preparation for any number of other languages
  • multicurrency capability with individual prices for each currency
  • individual presenter module with extensive configuration options
  • automatic calculation of shipping costs according to the destination country
  • highly individual product interfacing to the merchandise management system including adjustment of the shop software product structure to the product data model of the customer
  • delivery of image elements via separate, for static content optimized webservers
  • individual performance optimisation of high-load system components
  • scaling of object caching and user sessions via MemcacheD across several webserver nodes